Nuclear Demonstration

by Extract

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This demo will blow you away!


released May 2, 2013

Recorded by Brent McCrea
Artwork by Ben Kocinski



all rights reserved


Extract Winnipeg, Manitoba

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Track Name: Destroyer Of Worlds
Let me out

Death has a hold on our future and he’s not letting go
And he’ll set us ablaze cause
No one can handle the heat of the course,
Destruction, suffering, forced

The reason we’re in this place
Is cause I can’t find another way
All efforts are just a waste
No matter what, we will never change

And I can’t take it
Anymore I’m through

All these signs
Of messed up minds
Between the lines
Robbing us blind
Track Name: The Dear Leader
I want to escape, from this place
You’ve chained me here and it’s hard to face
I don’t belong
where I went wrong
I haven’t been myself for so long

No time to change, No one to blame
But myself which I cannot help
The path is paved, to my grave
A matter of time before death becomes mine

It’s something that I hate
that because of the choices that we’ve made

I’ve paid the price
So I’ll close my eyes
and force you to get out of my life

I’ll tell you nothing
That seems real
Is the way that it looks
Track Name: Heisenberg
Don’t tell me, that you’ve got my back when you don’t
Now I know, when times get hard that you won’t
Stand by my side, your prone to lie, you’ve got too much pride
People make mistakes but you crossed that line

and I’m just thankful, That I don’t have too
Be involved, with people like you
Next time I’ll make, a wiser choice
and trust someone who’s promises aren’t just noise

And you’ll keep using self righteousness as your crutch

You keep saying that your different but that’s not what I’m told
I just keep getting lied to, now my soul’s getting cold
I’m losing faith in man, trying as hard as I can
To believe there’s people out there whos integrity can stand
one hit