Nuclear Demonstration II

by Extract

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3 more demo tracks


released July 17, 2013

Recorded at posi tracks with Brent McCrea
Guest Vocals by Adam Dyson and Mike Nachtigall



all rights reserved


Extract Winnipeg, Manitoba

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Track Name: Aftermath
I’m to close to the edge

way to far of the path

Your words just never stuck and now I’m facing the wrath

Of a heartless world

and I’m just wasting time

Waiting for the day when It will leave me behind

This way was never chosen but it’s all that we know

forever dying slow, and it’s starting to show
I’ll never be that person that I wanted to be
and you’re gonna see that you’re dead to me cause

This progress stage is fucking done

looked hard for the ways, now it’s easy to say, I found none

strained my eyes looking for an open door
I’m giving up,
I’m out on my own
It’s an uphill struggle
a downhill road
to believe in the love that I’ve never known

Everyday’s a struggle in this life

If I’m gonna survive

I’ll just have to fight the Urge

To keep hope alive

Closed off the world that shut me out first

I’m numb to the pain

Now the living
Track Name: Taken
I can’t release this pain, this weight on my shoulders
I thought I’d break through this and deal when I’m older
Maybe I’m just too far gone, haste the day cause it’s been too long
No end in sight, I’m losing hope, I’ve got no fight, I can’t cope

Time weighs heavy
on my chest it’s breaking me

Nothing left, the worlds focus falls from me

I can see clearly that it’s time for a change
Faintly hearing death and he’s calling my, name

I’ve got no cause, I’m losing focus. I’m living life in a comatose state.
No open doors, filled with remorse, spite to the world just to Even up the score
Track Name: Can't Find The Words
I know I’m the cause, of my own sense of loss
but I’m dragging you down to spite you
I can’t help but feel, that this tension is real, your appeal to virtue is untrue

Reality waits, for no man to keep pace, hard facts to face and no proof
No reason to do, that which benefits you. We’re all on our own, and forced to.

I wanna react, but I can’t find the, words
Something’s holding me back